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He couldn’t breathe

Protesters flood the streets of Minneapolis after the murder of George Floyd. The incident sparked riots across the nation.

Jackson Posey, Sports Editor

May 30, 2020

George Floyd's death wasn't an isolated incident. It's a wake-up call

Why does God allow suffering?

With a pandemic sweeping the globe and unemployment through the roof, the question naturally arises: why?

Jackson Posey, Sports Editor

April 28, 2020

God cares too much about our souls to allow us all to wallow in abject, Godless prosperity.

Urban’s New Monster

Urban's New Monster

Tim Tschoepe, Sports Editor

March 22, 2020

Earlier this month, country artist, Kieth Urban released “God Whispered Your Name.'' The song talks about how he was lost until God “whispered” the name of the person he needed to find to feel whole. It has a catchy beat, a chorus is sung really well, and meshes great with his voice. I think t...

Ballerini’s Third Album

Ballerini's Third Album

Tim Tschoepe, Sports Editor

March 22, 2020

On Friday, country singer, Kelsea Ballerini released her third studio album. The record is labelled ‘’ Kelsea” and has a total of 13 songs. The tracks feature artists like Halsey and Kenny Chesney and have a great collaboration with her voice. The song with Halsey was easy to predict, they have ...

Playing With Fire

Playing With Fire

Tim Tschoepe, Sports Editor

March 22, 2020

I'm going to start this off by saying that I am an Astros fan, I have been for years and will always be. That being said, there's a lot of controversy around the team and their organization. It's like, if you're a fan then you're a cheater and support cheaters when that's not the case.  This was a grea...

Window pain

Ask anyone, and they'll tell you they're spooked by the COVID-19 outbreak. That is, unless you ask a Christian.

Jackson Posey, Sports Editor

March 14, 2020

As a Christian, I'm not scared of the coronavirus.

Let the kids play

Pete Gint, played by Caleb Mosley, fights against the mysterious Bresh during last year's bi-district championship run. If the UIL cancels One-Act Play competitions, the company won't get another crack at the road to state.

Jackson Posey, Sports Editor

March 12, 2020

The UIL shouldn't cancel their events, especially in these trying times.

Beyond high school

Some students question if they are really prepared for college.

Jake Perez and Joey Clark

March 6, 2020

Opinion 1: Students today are faced with difficult challenges when it comes to after graduation; they are thrown into a world where they don't know how to deal with important things such as finances and supporting themselves. Often times high schools do have classes for students to learn about fina...

The downsides of the SAT

Students will be taking the SAT tomorrow, March 3

Daniel Lackey and Chloe Presley-Gundaker

March 3, 2020

Opinion 1: The SAT provides students with a variety of opportunities: scholarships, acceptance into college, etcetera. That’s great and all, but there’s one itsy-bitsy issue that’s very questionable about it all.  It’s a test. It’s a test that students tirelessly prepare for in the hopes of a...

US should act as mediator in China-Taiwan Conflict

US should act as mediator in China-Taiwan Conflict

Catherine Diel, Social Media Manager

March 3, 2020

Two countries- one small, one large. The latter claims the two are the same, while the former fights for its individuality.  Taiwan and China are at an odds, and the US is doing as it does and getting in the middle. The US is trying to prevent a war between the Republic of China, who see Taiwan as ...

Bring creative writing back

A creative writing class could help aspiring writers advance in the art of storytelling.

Virginia Price, Staff Writer

February 29, 2020

An argument for creative writing In high school, so much emphasis is placed on how well the sports teams compete or how well we can find a circumference of a circle. However, little attenton is paid to the writers who want to widen their knowledge on what they love to do. Young writers aspire to ga...

Board should choose to keep school of choice separate

The board of trustees received a proposal Thursday to move a high school of choice to Spring Branch Middle.

Joey Clark, Staff Writer

February 28, 2020

Inside the halls of Spring Branch Middle, students keep to the two only opened wings of the school while the sixth grade wing remains abandoned, still reminiscent of the hundreds of kids who once graced the linoleum floors two years ago. That hall, though, might see action once again if the board appr...