Valley Ventana

Grace Bush and Alex Dewees search for their valentine hearts in the halls. Student council put up a heart for every student and faculty member though the hallways.

A lonely valentine

It's OK not to have significant other today
Mazzy Rall, Staff Writer February 12, 2021

It’s that time of the year again where there are chocolates and roses in the stores, hearts on the walls, and the constant question, “Who’s your valentine?” No one wants to feel alone during...

This form of currency has been around for a long while, but it still remains crucial.

To penny or not to penny

Why this classic coin needs to stay
Tyson Sawyers-Williams, Guest Staff Writer February 6, 2021

Americans waste over six billion pennies a year with a desire to be rid of them. However, they could very well be hidden gems in our society.  Pennies are ignored, discarded as trash, and often rejected...

Managing Editor Rebekah Mann discusses gender mistreatment she has witnessed and experienced. Graphic made through

Basic human decency

Not all boys are acting like kind young men
Rebekah Mann, Managing Editor January 28, 2021

My 14-year-old sister was riding the bus home two weeks ago when a sixth grade boy looked her in the eyes, moaned, and said, “You make my nipples so hard.” I think the worst part about this is that...

Adapting to COVID-19 has been strange so far, but it's a relief knowing that it's temporary.

COVID caught me

Editor-in-Chief shares current coronavirus experience
Daniel Lackey, Editor-in-Chief January 20, 2021

The doctor was blunt: "Well, looks like you have the COVID," she proclaimed a split second after stepping into the consultation room. (And yes: she did insert "the".) Stunned, my dad and I were no...

The FBI is requesting information regarding individuals sparking violence at the Capitol storm via released photographs. Tips can me made on the FBI website.

Attack on democracy

"Protest" in Capitol building sparks outrage—and rightfully so
Rebekah Mann, Managing Editor January 8, 2021

Radical supporters of President Donald Trump raided the Capitol building Jan. 6, wreaking havoc by breaking through windows and sitting at government officials desks to protest the counting of electoral...

For both remote and in-person learners, finals take place Dec. 16-19.

7 Tips for Finals (because 7 means perfection)

Ways to aim for better test results (and a better state of mind!)
Catherine Diel, Social Media Manager December 10, 2020


During early voting and election day, junior Presley Berry worked at the polls and observed the election process firsthand.

From the front lines

Poll worker shares views on the election, vote counting process
Presley Berry, Staff Writer November 7, 2020

In arguably the most important election in our nation’s history, I had the privilege of being a poll worker. I truly got to appreciate the hard work and dedication so many wonderful people give to...

midterm 2018 stickers voting

Make voting more accessible

Mail-in ballots should be allowed for more people, especially in a year like this one
Hannah Velasquez, Staff Writer November 2, 2020

Mail in ballots have been a discussion this year due to Covid-19. To receive a mail in-ballot you need to meet certain requirements. We think mail in ballots should be more open or accessible for people.  Supporters...

The World Trade center features a 9/11 memorial. The retaining wall and

9/11 Remembrance needs to be in schools

Classrooms missing the memorialization of an American travesty
Rebekah Mann, News Editor September 11, 2020

School wide 9/11 memorials should be mandatory. In a time of controversy, when flying the American flag can be seen as a political view, September 11th is the one day everyone should take time to remember...

Protesters flood the streets of Minneapolis after the murder of George Floyd. The incident sparked riots across the nation.

He couldn’t breathe

George Floyd's death wasn't an isolated incident. It's a wake-up call
Jackson Posey, Sports Editor May 30, 2020
George Floyd's death wasn't an isolated incident. It's a wake-up call
With a pandemic sweeping the globe and unemployment through the roof, the question naturally arises: why?

Why does God allow suffering?

How can God be good when the world is so full of pain?
Jackson Posey, Sports Editor April 28, 2020
God cares too much about our souls to allow us all to wallow in abject, Godless prosperity.
Urban's New Monster

Urban’s New Monster

Tim Tschoepe, Sports Editor March 22, 2020

Earlier this month, country artist, Kieth Urban released “God Whispered Your Name.'' The song talks about how he was lost until God “whispered” the name of the person he needed to find to feel whole....

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