Valley Ventana

Recent Results

BaseballFri, May 04 San Antonio Clark3-5L
San Antonio Clark3-5L
BaseballWed, May 02 San Antonio Clark0-10L
San Antonio Clark0-10L
BaseballFri, Apr 27 New Braunfels2-10L
New Braunfels2-10L
SoftballThu, Apr 26 San Antonio Warren3-5L
San Antonio Warren3-5L
BaseballTue, Apr 24 New Braunfels9-2W
New Braunfels9-2W
Boys SoccerFri, Apr 20 Judson0-7L
SoftballFri, Apr 20 New Braunfels7-0W
New Braunfels7-0W
BaseballFri, Apr 20 Converse Judson4-1W
Converse Judson4-1W
SoftballTue, Apr 17 Converse Judson6-3W
Converse Judson6-3W
BaseballTue, Apr 17 Converse Judson9-3W
Converse Judson9-3W
BaseballSat, Apr 14 Austin McCallum2-1W
Austin McCallum2-1W
SoftballFri, Apr 13 New Braunfels Canyon0-15L
New Braunfels Canyon0-15L
BaseballFri, Apr 13 Cibolo Steele6-5W
Cibolo Steele6-5W
BaseballSat, Apr 07 San Antonio Highlands5-2W
San Antonio Highlands5-2W
SoftballFri, Apr 06 Schertz Clemens12-5W
Schertz Clemens12-5W
BaseballFri, Apr 06 New Braunfels Canyon8-4W
New Braunfels Canyon8-4W
BaseballTue, Apr 03 New Braunfels Canyon2-5L
New Braunfels Canyon2-5L
BaseballThu, Mar 29 Schertz Clemens14-9W
Schertz Clemens14-9W
BaseballTue, Mar 27 Schertz Clemens16-8W
Schertz Clemens16-8W
SoftballFri, Mar 23 New Braunfels10-0W
New Braunfels10-0W
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