We Are One

Lacrosse team defied odds to reach state finals

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We Are One

Wyatt Tomallo, Sports Editor

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As the final buzzer sounded and the Prosper Eagles’ bench cleared, I could do nothing but stare.

Stare at what could have been: the excitement, joy and happiness of becoming a state champion lacrosse team.

As the lacrosse team lost to Prosper 11-5 in the state championships, I felt what all my other brothers felt and still couldn’t wrap my head around the fact of how close we actually came.

I’m not much of cryer, but I bawled my eyes out the minute I stepped into our locker room. Not necessarily because we lost but because the exciting story of the season had come to a close.

Our team defied the odds and met every challenge head on, including tuning out those who said we wouldn’t be good enough to be there in the first place. The story kind of writes itself of how a Cinderella team came so close to winning it all after dominating everything heading into the matchup but fell short.

The season, however, was everything we seniors wished in a perfect season. It was a wild season full of firsts. For the first time, we beat rival Reagan, became district champs and made it past the first round of the playoffs. 

We found a coach and father figure who turned teenagers into men, fully capable of achieving anything they set their minds to.

Although we might have not won state, my goal as a senior was fulfilled. This goal started at the beginning, a responsibility I set in play from the first steps on a lacrosse field. The responsibility was to one day be a part of greatness and to truly take the program to the next level, changing the teammate oriented program into a brotherhood legacy. That goal was achieved in every aspect of how we were able to play our game, not as individuals but as one. A singular, beautiful, motion of power from a team who would do anything for one another.

I would like to say how thankful and lucky the lacrosse program was to find a coach in Ben Conner. I wish I could have told you after the game how thankful I am you were a part of this journey with me, Coach. But the truth is, Coach, I couldn’t find the words nor would I have been able to hold it together. You, sir, have not only been the best coach to me personally, but overall one of the best men I’ve ever met. I am thankful that the program I helped build with countless hours of sweat, blood, and tears was able to find you. If it wasn’t for you, Coach, none of this would have been possible. You changed the standards and norms of what this program is capable of. This season will forever hold a special place in my heart and those who were given the privilege of playing for you.  Thank you for everything, Coach Conner. It’s been a pleasure.

I would like to thank the lacrosse club for creating a program in which kids were able to mature into men. I am proud to say I played for such an organization. Most importantly, on behalf of the seniors, thank you to all the parents. I have no words to describe how special you make the game to us players; without all of you, there would be no program.

And to my mother, who drove me to and from practice daily and showed up to every game, thank you for such sacrifice to know your son was able to experience so much from a sports program. To my brothers, we used to joke about going to state but it became very surreal when we actually did. Carry on the legacy for future players as it will lead to more extraordinary events. This season has been unforgettable and amazing in every aspect. Continue to grow the game, boys.

This season has forever left its mark on Texas lacrosse by ensuring that Smithson Valley is a winning lacrosse team full of possibilities for future success.