Column: Abbott continues uneducated intervention

Governor attempts to prevent transgender teens to transition


Ted Eytan

People protest the anti-transgender legislation. Gov. Greg Abbott wants gender reassignment surgery to be considered child abuse in Texas

Lucian Steube-Lintner, Staff Writer

Gov. Greg Abbott again demonstrates he is an unreasonable, unknowledgeable government official who has not made any attempts to educate himself on the “problems” he attempts to remedy. Instead of speaking to trained psychologists, doctors, or even simply Googling issues, he runs blindly into problems he has no hope of understanding.

Abbott has written to the Texas Department of Family and Protective Services under the guise he wishes to protect children from abuse. Instead of actually protecting children, however, Abbott’s suggestion only endangers transgender students and their parents. Abbott has made it abundantly clear he does not care about those under his authority; he only cares for his own personal beliefs.

In Abbott’s letter, he references OAG Opinion No. KP-0401OAG, which details the types of surgical procedures that constitute “abuse” when performed on minors. He does this to “prove” he is trying to help protect minors; however, the only thing he proves is his ignorance in knowing his own country’s laws.

Gender reassignment surgery is not and has never been allowed on minors. The fact this was included in Abbott’s letter is proof he has absolutely no knowledge regarding the issues included.

Furthermore, gender affirming hormone therapy is not given to children younger than 13 and only administered after extensive evaluation from a trained professional. Going through this process of getting hormone therapy as a minor is extensive and hormones are not provided at random.

Abbott also wrote, “Medical evidence does not demonstrate that children and adolescents benefit from engaging in the irreversible sterilization procedures.” However a study in 2018 confirmed chest reconstruction does in fact reduce gender dysphoria within individuals who get it.

Similarly Abbott continues in his uninformed letter by saying,  “The prevalence of gender dysphoria in children and adolescents has never been estimated.” Again, a study performed among 9th and 11th grade students in Minnesota proves otherwise, estimating that 2.7% of students identify as transgender.

It’s disappointing the contents of this letter aren’t even remotely surprising considering Abbott’s record regarding transgender youth. He believes that if this was a law it’d protect so many children from abusive procedures. These procedures have never been forced on an unwilling child in America and, therefore, cannot be considered to be harmful.

The more one reads Abbott’s letter, the more obvious it becomes the Texas governor hasn’t a clue in what he talks about; his letter is full of easily disproven “facts.” It is beyond infuriating to transgender people to constantly have to fight for their right to simply exist, especially when a government official completely disregards studies and proven facts.

People must stand up to those in power who believe their opinions and thoughts are the end all be all. If they do not, one day we will find ourselves in a society that forces everyone into one cookie cutter shape.