Editorial: Russian journalist arrested for protesting war

Marina Ovsyannikova, editor for Channel One, informs viewers of Russia’s lies


ITV News

In this video posted on YouTube by ITV News, Russian journalist protests on live TV her country’s war with the Ukraine

Lucian Steube-Lintner, Staff Writer

It’s no secret to the rest of the world what is going on between Ukraine and Russia. However Russian officials control their media and warp the minds of their citizens.

Marina Ovsyannikova, an editor for the Channel One network, put herself at risk in an attempt to educate Russian citizens about the violent attacks in Ukraine. Ovsyannikova interrupted a broadcast by coming onto air holding a sign saying “Don’t believe the propaganda. They’re lying to you here” in Russian and “No War, Russians Against War” in English. The broadcast was promptly cut short.

Ovsyannikova’s display is one some cannot say they would have done. She deserves respect and recognition for her bravery. Ovsyannikova advocates that Russian and Ukrainian people are not enemies, as she herself is a Russian-Ukrainian person. 

In recent years, the journalism industry has opened up to more deception and lies and lost the principles it was originally founded on. While it is horrible for it to finally be emerging in such a dramatic time, it is in some ways refreshing to see Ovsyannikova stand up and speak the truth. 

Ovsyannikova is a model for what journalism should be and her bravery is something that we should strive to also have. The industry needs journalists similar to Ovsyannikova who are willing to stand for what they believe in and spread the truth.

Ovsyannikova’s protest seems to be a turning point in Russian journalism. She has started a wave of resignations in silent protest by those refusing to report on false news. After Ovsyannikova’s arrest, a number of Russian journalists resigned, including three popular anchors: Zhanna Agalakova from Channel One and Lilia Gildeeva and Vadim Glusker of NTV. 

Hopefully Ovsyannikova will influence journalists outside of Russia to start reporting on real news.  Despite how dramatic this example is, and the dangers Ovsyannikova has faced, it would be nice to finally see a change in the way journalism has been approached in recent years.