Color Guard debuts “Saving Neverland” show at KSAT Pigskin Classic

New halftime show has color guard and band working long hours


Emma Siebold

Serenity Lippe performing with the color guard at the Alamodome

Addison Coerver, Staff Writer

On August 27th, color guard and band worked together to perform a halftime show at the football game against Reagan High School. It was broadcasted on live television, which would be scary for most, however, they worked through it.

Color guard worked in synchrony, swinging their flags, while the band followed along playing their instruments loud and proud. 

Both color guard and band are very difficult and time consuming activities. Over the last two and a half months, these two groups have been working and perfecting their act for this performance. 

Although this may seem like a lot of work coming from the public, students participating in these activities don’t mind.

“I feel like it’s a reasonable amount of time,” freshman Morgan West said. 

Many students have a big fear of performing in front of their class however, the band students have to perform in front of hundreds, maybe even thousands of people. Students have now gotten used to and don’t mind these usual challenges. 

“It’s actually not that bad,” sophomore Esvin Chavez said. “I used to do theater in middle school, so I’m pretty much used to it by now. There are a lot of people on the field so, they are not just looking at you, they are looking at the whole band in general.”

However, others never even had a problem with it.

“I’ve never had trouble being in front of people or playing my instrument,” freshman Ethan Quinn said. “So I guess I just vibe with it.”