Color guard officers bear the pressure

An Overview of the Color Guard Officers

Addison Coerver, Staff Writer

All the pressure is on them, and they can feel it. For the officers of the Color Guard, this is no new feeling.

The color guard team has various members including 7 officers. Commander, captain, co-captain, 2 lieutenants and 2 social officers. 

The officers work together to help lead the whole color guard team. All having their own various tasks, jobs and responsibilities.

Everyone is always looking at commander Taylor Houchen asking her what to do, and relying on her when they don’t know what to do during the show. 

“It can be pretty hard at times with everyone asking questions,”  Houchen said.

 The commander is the leader of the group. They are responsible for overseeing the whole group, telling them what to do, helping them, and directing the other officers.

Although this is a big responsibility, there are many good times.

“At the football game, the whole team did so well, and afterwards they all surrounded me to tell how good they did,” Houchen said.

 Up next in the hierarchy is captain Olivia Longoria. If the commander is not there, the captain  steps forward and leads or teaches the team. 

The captain not only helps the commander, but teaches one on one with students when needed. The captain has the responsibility of making sure everyone is prepared for the day. 

With the position of being the captain, or any positions, people may treat you differently.

“Sometimes when earning positions, friends can treat you differently,” Longoria said.

This would be one of the downfalls of the job.

To help with the captains jobs there is the co-captain, Haily Rodriguez This officer position includes the jobs of helping teach the class in groups and making sure everyone is doing what they are supposed to be doing and doing that right.

With all the stress of performances and trying to learn everything fast, Rodriguez has lately been trying to help make everyone happy and making sure that everyone is having a good time.

“I just hope that everyone is having a fun time because that’s what color guard is all about,”  Rodriguez said.

Almost every member of the band including the color guard comes to school day and night, almost every day, to work on making their performance better. After a while of this, you would get very tired and want a break. 

That is where social officers Scarlett Hendricks and Emma McNeil come into play.

They are responsible for controlling the color guard Instagram account.(@svcg_official) They are also responsible for organizing any parties or fun events the color guard can do.

What they hope to get out of this is that everyone realizes this is just all for fun.

“I hope people in our group can remember it’s really just about fun and people won’t get worked up over anything,” Hendricks said.

They also hope that they can be people of emotional support.

“I hope that they are inspired and hope they can do and always tell us anything,” McNeil said. 

The last officer position is lieutenants, Serenity Lippe and Victoria Bhoorasingh

Setting reminders, making sure everyone is prepared for competitions, and also making sure everything is clarified correctly, are all the jobs of this position.

Having to make sure everyone knows what they are doing does take away practice time for these officers.

“Sometimes it takes away from my practice time because I have to make sure everyone else knows what they are doing,” Lippe said.

Although this is true, both officers love their job and hope the students will get something from their teaching.

“I hope they like the guard even more and can show off to the other guard members,” Bhoorasingh said. 

All these officers are responsible for making the members how they are today. Color guard is a very time consuming activity, but it’s all about having fun.