Midterm elections take place across the nation

Republican incumbent Greg Abbott leads polls for Texas governer


Emma Siebold via Canva Graphics

Tuesday, Nov. 8 marks Election Day as midterms across the United States.

Emma Siebold, Editor-in-Chief

Today is not just any November Tuesday.

Americans are flocking to the polls across the country for midterm elections–both state and congressional. According to USA Today, Texas’ gubernatorial race is leaning “heavily” in incumbent Greg Abbott’s favor.

“Eligible students need to vote to serve their responsibilities as a citizen,” government teacher Matthew Sutherland said. “Democracy can only be successful when citizens vote, voice their opinions, and fight for their beliefs. Every individual needs to seek out candidates in specific offices that have the same core beliefs as them.”

According to KXAN, Comal County currently has a 40.8 % voter turnout, with just 53, 145 out of 130, 109 registered voters having taken to the polls.

“Having representatives and people in office that share your values allows for true representation of your community,” Sutherland said. “Being involved in politics helps to make our democracy valid. Having citizens vote for representatives and office leaders links the individual, communities, states and nation together.”

Republican incumbent Greg Abbott is currently running for his third term as Texas governor, and Beto O’Rourke is challenging to be the first Democratic governor of the state in over two decades.

“Although it will probably be one of the closest elections we’ve had, I think Greg Abbott will win because it is evident that Texas doesn’t like change,” sophomore Marlowe Berry said. “Rick Perry served a 14-year term and Greg Abbott was first elected in 2015.”

While Abbott currently leads the polls, his approval ratings continue to drop following the aftermath of the Uvalde shooting. Abbott signed a permitless carry law in 2021.

“My parents make sure we stay informed on the issues and always take us with them to vote,” Berry said. “Last year, as a senior, my sister even worked at the polls. I think this year is such an important year because we are having a record breaking number of young people voting, which causes more modern ideals and precautions for the future to be shown through our representatives.”

Some students, such as freshman Karli Nimmo and junior Avery Pipes, believe Abbott will win due to his tenure and Texas’ conservative nature.

“I feel as though Texas as a whole follows more of his political beliefs,” Nimmo said.