Not better in Texas: Career-based education should be focus


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Texas being one of the middle ranked states for education goes to show that our education system isn’t what it needs to be.

Gia Herrera, Entertainment/Opinion Editor

Almost everywhere in Texas, the school system is the same. Whether you go to public or private school, we’re basically learning the same things and taking the same type of classes. 

From elementary to high school and even into our early college years, we take the same classes. English, math, science and history. Over and over and over again.  

There is only so much to be taught from English I to English IV, and most of the time the information is repeated year after year. 

In other parts of the world, like Italy for example, their education system is career-based. Everyone has three years of “middle school”, or as they call it, primary school, then the next three years are “high school” which they call college, which are all classes directly related to their career path. 

This makes more sense than our education system in Texas. Career-based education is more productive and beneficial to students’ career paths than our current curriculum. 

I think that everything we’re taught is important. History, English, and math are all necessary things that we will use in life. But we don’t need to take U.S History three times within our entire school career. 

Higher education is not seen as necessary in other parts of the world as it is in America. It doesn’t have to be, because the school system that they have already prepares students for their futures without college.

 If you are working to be an engineer, you should be able to focus on taking engineering classes in high school. The same thing goes for other career paths, such as medicine, journalism, marketing and architecture. 

A career-based education system is much more efficient, and  we would be able to graduate knowing that we are prepared for our future.