Pep rally to include wrestling, soccer


Grace Dosek

Varsity cheerleaders lead students in cheers at the gold out pep rally on Sept. 22.

Grayson Cook, Staff Writer

There will be a pep rally on Friday Dec. 12 for football, soccer and wrestling.

Librarian Amanda Trussell, who organizes the pep rallies, came up with the idea to include wrestling and soccer in the additional pep rally. 

“We’ve never been able to include our Winter sports, so I thought It would be a good idea to do that,” Trussell said. 

She also extended the invitation to the basketball and swim teams, but they are unable to attend.
The wrestling season officially starts on Saturday, and Trussell hopes the pep rally will bring traction to the sport which is often overlooked. 

Soccer coach Jason Adkins was very pleased that his team would be represented. 

“For the first time in the twenty years that I’ve been here, the soccer team is going to have a prep rally,” Adkins said.

Though many are happy about the additional sports being recognized, the prep for the pep rally will be longer than normal for Trussell.“It usually takes me ten hours to plan out a pep rally over the course of the week, which includes getting the participants lined up, and getting a script ready,” “Now, it will take about eleven to twelve hours to plan.”