Spanish Club collects for annual toiletry drive


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The Spanish Club will be collecting toiletries from Jan.17 to Feb. 3.

Emma Siebold, Editor-in-Chief

The Spanish Club, sponsored by Spanish instructor Laura Heldmann, is collecting toiletries for the Children’s Centre Los Ninos in Bulverde. The drive begins today and will end on Friday, Feb.3.

“Donated items can be dropped off in the designated boxes located at the library, senior dining, main office and Room A103,” Heldmann said.

The Children’s Center Los Ninos provides basic needs for local families, such as shelter, food, water and clothing. The agency’s goals are “Developing a healthy community, strengthening families, encouraging children and loving all people well.”

Spanish Club is accepting donations of all toiletries, such as toothbrushes, soap, lotion, deodorants and other products.