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Stirred up reviews get caught in the mix with recent cookie craze


Crumbl Cookie

Crumbl cookie was established in Logan, Utah, in 2017, and it made its way to New Braunfels Oct. 14.

Solily San Miguel, Staff Writer

New five-star cookies every week. 

From cosmic brownies to corn bread, Crumbl Cookie creates any food imaginable into a cookie. 

The rich texture and flavor of each cookie can be loved by all. Each weekly favor can vary from a nice fruity berry crunch to a very chocolatey double fudge brownie.  

The curiosity of which cookie is created next evokes the thrilling experience of Crumbl

The website is easy and accessible for every customer who might have questions. It lists the ingredients and nutrition facts for each weekly cookie as well as other information such as their privacy policy, media kit, loyalty, and jobs available. 

Crumbl started with bringing people together, in small town Logan, Utah. Two cousins started Crumbl on a dream to become something bigger. They took hours and dollars to create the perfect cookie while gathering customer feedback and conducting taste tests.

Once Crumbl got its final product out, it finally started doing the new weekly flavors ,which shot the company over the nation, where they now have more than 600 bakeries in 47 states. 

The bakery is always very hospitable, and the Crumbl team provides good service.

Going to Crumbl has become a tradition in my family. Every week we check the new cookies to see if the trip is worth our while. My family, friends and I admire how we get to enjoy the luxury cookies together along with laughing about how crazy some flavors are.

I personally like the chocolate cookies the best. My favorites so far have been Andes Mint and Brownie Batter. 

Both boast a rich chocolate taste and a delicious gooey texture, with the Andes Mint icing having the perfect amount of sweet and mint. 

Since we go so often, we are a part of the loyalty program. The feeling of relief when we finally reach 100 points and get $10 dollars off our next purchase is more than refreshing. 

Reasons such as these are why I love Crumbl and will continue to be a loyal customer