Spreading religion: The FCA Club

An overview of The FCA Club



Whenever the club meets in the mornings, they meet at 8:07 in room D012.

Addison Coerver, Staff Writer

The Fellowship of Christian Athletes is a club that advertises its inclusivity to everyone and holds meetings twice a month during the morning. 

“FCA is for all students that want to express real friendships, real life, and to feel at home,” leader Brandon Koop said. “This is a place for students to experience Jesus and be encouraged to spread the love of Christ to their classmates.”

The club does activities such as bible study, prayer, accountability, worship, games, and small group activities. On special occasions, guests are invited to speak from local churches.

“I wanted to be a part of a community that loves Jesus at school,” senior Jordan Jones said. “FCA is a place where I know people will support me through hardships and push me closer to God. This club has affected my life by teaching me to be bold in my faith and not be scared of what others say about it.” 

They hope to start doing worship nights due to sports causing tight schedules; there are only a few hours of the day that everyone is available. This makes meetings and events very hard to plan. 

“We want to do meetings once a month in the evening,” Koop said. “Fields of Faith type events are things we love, but take so much work and would love to push one per semester.”

Piano instructor Amanda Singer is the sponsor for the club.

“I’m doing this because I love the Lord and to see students’ lives transformed for the better,” Singer said.

Interested students can go to Singer’s room, C102, or visit their instagram page @sv_fca and message them there.

“To me, FCA is a club where I am able to show my passion of getting closer to God, and share my thoughts about him in a place where most people may be uncomfortable to do so,” Junior Rowen Rankin said. “This club affects my life by providing me with more time to receive God’s presence and worship him in the mix of my busy school schedule.”