Record-breaking kind of day

Relay teams set new standards during Ranger Relays

Trenton Hall via Twitter & Canva

After breaking records, girls and boys 4×4 relay teams celebrate top times in the state and the Ranger Relays March 4.

Emilie Ramirez and Julissa Vargas

When junior Freddie Dubose took to the track as the third leg in the boys 4X400, it was his first of the season because of an ACL injury suffered during football season.

That first lap: a 47.5 split.

Teammates AJ Breault (48.96), Jalen Davis (50.36), Elijah Hudson (48.30) and Dubose broke a 15-year-old school record and the marked the No. 2 time in the U.S. at 3:15.51

“It was good to be back,” Dubose said. “It’s been a long recovery and I’m not fully healthy yet. It just feels good to go out there and do something like that while not fully 100%.”

That was just one of three school records broken Saturday in the Ranger Relays. The girls won first place team, and boys took second.

Girls 4X200 relay team  (Jacquelyn Rolle, Favour Uduji, Jatorie Mobley, Alyssa Jones) now has the best time in the state at 1:38.11.

The boys 4X100 relay team (Hudson, Dubose, DJ Milam, Breault) also set a new school record with a time of 41.85.

In the girls 4X400 relay, some jostling at the end of the first lap messed up the handaoff between sophomore Alyssa Jones and senior Favour Uduji. This gave the other team a 100m gap lead. Uduji, sophomore Mia Perez and junior Jazmyn Singh made up the difference, winning with a time of 3:52.

“In my head, I knew I had to help out my team, to catch that person,” Perez said. “I was coming off of the 1600 and I was tired, especally in the last 100,  but that last 100 was where I gained on her and got the baton to Jazmyn.” 

Other results:


100m dash- 1  Elijah Hudson, 5 DJ Milam, 9 Ezekiel Devadoss 

200m dash- 6 Isaiah Vivians 

400m dash-  1 Arthur Breault, 3 Kevin Uduji, 4 Jalen Davis 

1600 m run- 8 Brayden Youngdahl

3200 m run- 6 Brayden Youngdahl

110 m hurdles – 2 Haven Johansen

300 m hurdles-  3 Haven Johansen

4X100 m relay- 2 Hudson, Dubose ,Milam, AJ Breault

4X 200 m relay – 4  Isaiah Vivians, Caden Spradling, Ezekiel Devadoss, Elijah Hudson

4X400 m relay- 1 AJ Breault, Jalen Davis, Freddie Dubouse, Elijah Hudson

High Jump – 5 Haven Johansen, 6 Conor Drott 

Long jump – 7 Bradley Sowersby

Triple jump –  3 Elijah Huddson, 4 TJ Hunt 

Discus – 2 Jaxson Maynard 

Shot put – 3 Gavin Garcia, 7 Jaxson Maynard 



100m dash- 1 Alyssa Jones, 2 Jacquelyn Rolle, 4 Jatorie Mobley 

200m dash-  1 Jazymn Singh, 2 Jacquelyn Rolle, 7 Faith Edens 

400m dash-  1 Jazymn Singh

1600 m run- 1 Mia Perez, 7 Sophia Perez 

3200 m run- 4 Sophia Perez

100 m hurdles- 2 Zada Zimmerman, 3 Maycee Moody, 6 Kirsten Hampton 

300 m hurdles- 2 Zada Zimmerman, 3 Sophia Goodwin 

4X100 m relay- 3 Maycee Moody, Faith Edens, Kirsten Hampton, Annabell Duncan

4X200 m relay – 1st Jacquelyn Rolle, Favour Uduji, Jatorie Mobley, Alyssa Jones

4X400 m relay – 1st Alyssa Jones, Favour Uduji, Mia Perez, Jazmyn Singh

High Jump – 3 Bryn Biesenbach

Long jump –  3 Alyssa Jones 

Triple jump –  3 Sophia Goodwin 

Pole vault – 2 Ella Pickron 

Discus –  9 Lisabeth Steinhiser