Braingers sweep Canyon invitational

Months of practice following region auditions will finally be put to the test.


Months of practice following region auditions will finally be put to the test.

Laney Rendon, News Editor

 Students from all over the district gather almost every other Saturday from Jan. to March to compete in one thing: Academics. At the Canyon meet Jan. 20, students waited for the results with anticipation, sitting on the edge of their seats in cougar cafe, finger crossed, hoping they placed.

The results are as listed:


Academic events:

News Writing:

1st place: Rebecca Covington

3rd: Emma Sipple

6th: Laney Rendon


Feature Writing:

2nd place: Emma Sipple

4th: Rebecca Covington


Editorial Writing:

1st place: Emma Sipple

3rd: Rebecca Covington


Headline Writing:

2nd place: LJ Haider

3rd: Rebecca Covington

4th: Emma Sipple


The journalism team won sweepstakes at this Invitational.



1st place: Senior Skyler Hoover


Calculator Applications:


2nd: Iris Bradbury

3rd: Catherine Haeglin

4th: Brandon Ling

The calculator team won first place.


Current Events:

2nd place: Luke Estes

5th: Andy Doyle

The current events team took second place.


Literary Criticsim:

2nd: Andy Doyle

6th: Caroline Kuhn



1st place: Luke Estes

The math team won first place.


Number Sense:

1st place: Luke Estes

2nd: Skylar Hoover

6th: Andy Doyle

Number sense won first place.


Ready Writing:

2nd place: Aiden Hubert

3rd: Skylar Hoover

6th: Andy Doyle

The Ready Writing team took first place.



1st place: Luke Estes (Top biology, chemistry and physics)

3rd: Jerry Fang

4th: Donald Phounsavath

6th: Jasmine Ballard

The Science team won first place.



2nd place: Josh Nelson

3rd: Onyl Uduji

5th: Vishali Baker

The Spelling team took first place.


The Social Studies team was placed second.


Speaking Events:

Lincoln-Douglas Debate:

2nd place: Maddie Aguilar


Persuasive Speaking:

6th place: Rachel Waltman



3rd place: Caitlyn Mclntyre

4th: Kailey Fox

5th: Amelia Aguilar



3rd place: Ashley Acuna

4th: Canon Facer


UIL participants will compete at Reagan for another invitational meet Saturday, Feb. 10.