9 tips to help complete the FAFSA application

Tips for senior students and parents when applying for financial aid


George Fox University

The deadline to complete senior FASFA applications is June 30, 2022.

Bethany Mann, Staff Writer

Senior parents and students are invited to attend the Free Application for Federal Student Aid and Local Scholarship Review meeting on Wednesday in the auditorium. 

College and Career Readiness Counselor Lauren Kiesling will give information about the FAFSA process, how to complete senior’s FAFSA graduation requirement and the Local Scholarship Packet.

Here are nine tips to help with the FAFSA application process.

  1. Create your and your parent’s FSA ID 3-5 days before starting on your FAFSA
  2. Gather all needed supporting documents
  3. Make sure your parents are available to help you complete it.
  4. Set a time to complete FAFSA when you won’t be rushed – it takes about an hour to complete.
  5. Take your time! Don’t get frustrated with the process
  6. Write down or save any and all passwords and passcodes for later use. Save them in a safe place!
  7. Have your list of colleges to send your FAFSA to handy. Don’t forget to include any schools you are applying to– you can add up to 10.
  8. Download your SAR (Student Aid Report)
  9. Submit your SAR into SchoolLinks for your graduation requirement

Now, it’s time to apply for scholarships.