The student news site of Smithson Valley High School in Spring Branch, Texas

Valley Ventana

The student news site of Smithson Valley High School in Spring Branch, Texas

Valley Ventana

The student news site of Smithson Valley High School in Spring Branch, Texas

Valley Ventana

Valley Ventana’s weekly Connections game: Week of April 22. Photo via Canva
Connections: Week of April 22
Valley Ventana, Staff • April 23, 2024
Wrestling coach Tim Clarkson was named the 5A Region IV Coach of the Year by his peers. Music by MorningLightMusic on YT
Wrestling coach named tops for Region IV 5A
April 22, 2024
Junior Sayers Allen poses for a photo at the golf region competition on April 17. Photo via SVHS Golf.
Swinging it into high gear
Grayson Cook, Staff Writer • April 19, 2024
In Comal school district, 22.0% of students are eligible to participate in the federal free and reduced price meal program, making the federal nutrition program a necessity. Photo by Annie Spratt via Unsplash.
Texas should adopt federal nutrition program
Bethany Mann, Editor-in-Chief • April 18, 2024
Olivia Fuentes will play beach volleyball at Tarleton University in the fall after signing on April 17.
Photo by Daniel Grant
Toe the sign
Alex Whelchel, Managing Editor • April 18, 2024

Big shifts, small tips: High school students discuss problems with tipping

Anonymous student makes $10 bucks after a Wednesday night shift.

Tipping can be hard. It’s difficult to decide how much is appropriate, or if it’s appropriate at all depending on the server’s performance. 

According to Travelers insider, it is recommended that a customer should tip at least 20 to 25% on top of the bill, but that they should also consider tipping extra if the service is topnotch. If a customer receives bad service, either because of unruly servers or late meals, they are recommended that they should at least tip 10%, or the should expect the server to come chase them down asking what they did wrong.

Most waitstaff and busboys are paid low wages, so tipping provides a way to supplement their income. Additionally, it helps the customer gain social esteem because they would be earning the server’s respect.

“I work at 46th Street pizza in Bulverde,” senior Reese Anderson said.  “Making 15% of tips every day I work is pretty rewarding, especially since it helps with my saving habits. I have learned that money is precious, so I don’t go out wasting it every day, I save it for something big that I want in the foreseeable future.”

Tipping Etiquette
Why tip?

Minimum wage for employees with tips - $2.13/hour

Minimum wage for employees without tip- $7.25/hour.

How much?

Sit-down restaurants - 15-20% of the pretax bill

Fast food restaurants - not necessary

Coffee - 10-15% or $1 for cup of drip coffee

Delivery drivers - 15-20%

Manicurists - 20% per nail tech

Hairstylists/barbers - 20% for the entire service


Source: Bankrate

How Much?

20 to 25% on top of the bill before sales tax

Fast Food or takeaway coffee
Fast food or takeaway coffee

Fast Food-no

Specialist deli, Cafe, casual joint(taco truck, hot dog vendor)-10%

Coffee to go-$1 of 20%

Sometimes though, servers won’t make tips at all, which can be frustrating , especially those who work double shifts every weekend.

“I make about $13 an hour at Chicken Express but have never made any tips during my whole year being an employee there,” senior Conner Vydrzal said. “I guess it makes sense because of how the business works, but sometimes I wish it would be different because I really could use the extra money.”

Some feel under-appreciated by fellow co-workers or boss because they feel like they aren’t getting the proper amount of tip based on how hard they work.

“When I used to work at IHOP, I would make under 10% in tips,”  senior Hudson Thomas said. “That was if I got any tips, however, because I rarely would. Honestly, that’s part of the reason I stopped working there. I felt unappreciated by the company. I put a lot of hard work into my job, so it really was a bummer that I would basically come home with nothing after a hard day’s worth of work.”

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