Senior Spotlight: Bryce Debner

Senior, Bryce Debner plans to pursue a career in aviation.


Bryce Debner

Flying planes has been a lifelong dream for Bryce Debner.

Emily Krupa, Staff Writer

What are your plans for after high school?

“Once I graduate, I’m going to finish getting my private pilot’s license at the Bulverde Airpark. And then once I have that, I’ll be automatically accepted into the ATP flight program at the International Airport.”

What do you plan on majoring in/ what career do you want to pursue?

“I’ll get my certifications and become a flight instructor to build more flight hours. I can eventually become an airline pilot.

Why do you want to pursue this career?

“It’s always been like a dream of mine, ever since I can remember. It was something that just never went away, like a passion that I’ve always wanted to do.”

What inspired you to pursue this career?

“I knew ever since I was a little kid that I wanted to pursue my career in aviation. When I was little, I loved planes because they’re big and cool. And that never went away.”

How long have you been flying planes?

“I’ve only been flying for almost 2 months”

Who taught you to fly planes?

“I have an instructor, his name is Daniel and he teaches me everything about flying.”

How do you feel about leaving high school?

“I feel bittersweet because it feels good to finally complete school, but also I know it’s probably the biggest step into the adult life which is scary”

What is the most important thing about being a pilot?

“The most important thing about being a pilot is patience. Flying is something you just get better at with experience. Your last flight will always be a lesson for your next.”