Evolution of the TableTop Club

Rangers and Rogues rebrands


Rangers and Rogues

The Rangers and Rogues club is not only for Dungeons and Dragons anymore.

Grayson Cook, Staff Writer

The Rangers and Rogues club met for the first time this school year on Sept. 8, except with a new name – the TableTop Club.

“It wasn’t always this way,” said Troy Holliday, president of the TableTop club. “There was a lot less variety when it came to available playable content.” 

 The club was first created by physics teacher Christopher Ellerbe for “nerds” to come together and play Dungeons and Dragons. Now, it is a place for all lovers of board games.   

Rangers and Rogues expanded its roster of games to include less fantasy-based genres like UNO, Monopoly, Clue, Go-fish, and more, and rechristened itself as the TableTop Club.

This decision attracted the attention of new members, who said they enjoyed the new variety of genres that the club now has to offer.

“I am new to this club, but I was really interested, and wanted to see what it was all about,” senior Joshua Santos said. “I am a nerd at heart, and I think this club is right up my alley.” 

The club did not want to only be a place for board games but also a place where students can get away from their troubles. 

“Even if you need a place to just get away from all the stress that school or life can cause, you can come here,” Holliday said. “We’ll welcome you with open arms.”