Black student union’s kickoff meeting


Shanika Randle

BSU has their first meeting

Solily San Miguel, Staff Writer

Sitting in Coach Shanika Randle’s classroom the morning of Sept. 2, senior Brianna Orona felt like she really belonged.

Orona was one of nearly 40 people who attended the first Black Student Union meeting of the school year.

 “I feel like going to school you look around and it might be intimidating not knowing each other,” Orona said, “but whenever we come in here I feel like everyone is here for one purpose. It feels really good to be in the atmosphere.” 

As Coach Randle is going through the slideshow she proceeds to explain the importance of BSU.“Every student needs representation, every colored student needs an ally.”

BSU has grown to become an influential part of the school and community throughout the last 3 years. 

The BSU club takes on the role of educating young adults on African American history.

 BSU goes on educational field trips to colleges, museums, and does community service activities. 

 S.U.R.E. club also has its influence on BSU as they get together and share activities.

“We collab with S.U.R.E club a lot.”  Milam said

 BSU is a club focused on promoting representation and creating an environment for students to feel safe and bond with each other. 

Sitting in front of the classroom senior D.J. Milam is very comfortable with speaking to his peers. 

 “I feel like it’s a really good group for people to have someone to talk to,” 

Sitting through this meeting was fun and eventful, students got a chance to meet others throughout the classroom and give an interesting fact. This club has a lot of energy and enthusiasm for what they pursue in BSU. 

The members of this club have shown a passionate interest towards the education and social values of BSU. 

This club is beneficial to the students and community and I definitely recommend it.