Cutting into knowledge

HOSA members go on a field trip to cadaver lab


Sara Mefford

Ava Brown, Kailey Gonzales, Tanner Franks, Cara McCray, and Elisa Bertini hold a dissected human brain while on the field trip to a local cadaver lab.

Addison Coerver, Staff Writer

Freshman Olivia Weiser had never seen a human brain before. 

But, then neither had most of the other members of Health Occupations Students of America who went to the Healthcare Innovation and Service Center cadaver lab on Oct. 11

Holding body parts, cutting and removing organs, and learning about human anatomy were just some things the students experienced.

Members were told to bring scrubs, wear closed toed shoes, tie long hair back, and not to wear any sort of jewelry. 

At the start, students surrounded the table where the cadaver was held  and were told who the cadaver was and why she passed away.

“After we got there, they took off the cover of the body, ” Weiser said. “It was crazy because I thought she was plastic at first because she was all yellow.”

They were shown all the anatomy of the human body, and got to hold many organs, such as the brain. 

The whole time the members were there, the medical students in charge dissected the body and explained what each the part of the body did. 

“When I was actually in the lab, it felt so surreal to be in the room and seeing her open on the table, ” freshman Ashley Dudzikowski said.

HOSA plans on doing this field trip again in February, with new members who have participated in HOSA activities.

“I was so impressed by all of this because I knew as I was coming back to school,” Dudzikowski said. “I realized that in just a couple of years I would learn all this stuff too and I would have a better understanding of it.”