Steven Kertes: a success of esports

Senior Steven Kertes talks about his accomplishments and break throughs in Esports


Steven Kertes

Steven Kertes created this environmental self portrait in photography during his junior year.

Kayleigh Fisher, Staff Writer

For senior Steven Kertes, stability was never something he was familiar with. 

Coming from a military family, he moved around often and never had something he could latch onto. Trying to stay in a club or sport didn’t work well when he was constantly packing his things. 

But Esports was something that was flexible, something he could take with him everywhere.

Kertes first started playing video games at a young age. He would play basic CD games in his military base attic on his Xbox. He really started to get into Esports when he moved to Texas in eighth grade, where he was finally able to stay put. 

Kertes currently plays for Esports Tower, which is a program for teens that holds tournaments and has training for its players. It is the largest developmental Esports club in North America.

After coaching and collaborating with Esports Tower, he decided that he wanted to pursue Esports seriously. 

Steven has been quite successful in Esports, being nominated and awarded Esports Tower MVP, which is the highest tier award you can get in the program. He will also be appearing on a soon to be released TV show.

However, there were times when Kertes didn’t want to continue with Esports. 

“Esports is a very mental game,” Kertes said. “Trying to have a good mentality is something I’ve been struggling with but at the end of the day you just got to move on.”