From the ground up

Junior owns computer business


Courtesy of Charlie Hamilton

Junior Charlie Hamilton works on a custom computer build for Chazy Designs.

Bethany Mann, News/Feature Editor

Junior Charlie Hamilton has always known what he wants to do in life – a career in mechanical engineering. But unlike most students, he’s starting now.

In June 2022, Hamilton started his own business called Chazy Designs, centered around custom computer building, computer-aided design (CAD), 3D printing and drones.

“My biggest client so far has been an architecture company down in San Antonio,” he said. “I’ve done five computers for them for workstation purposes.”

Hamilton builds his computers “from the ground up,” first asking his clients what they want to do with their computer to then determine what needs to be used.

One of Hamilton’s computer designs.

“It’s like adult Legos,” he said. “Once you know how to actually do it, it’s like plug and play, and then everything else after that is software based.”

However, his company is not limited to computers. He is currently working on making custom champagne glasses for a wedding in February, and he even designed a flier for a daddy-daughter dance last semester for Spanish teacher Laura Heldmann.

“We say in Spanish he’s an emprendedor,” Heldmann said. “He lights the fire. He’s the one that will get the ideas, and he’ll run with them.”

Courtesy of Laura Heldmann
The flier Hamilton made.

Hamilton began completing custom computer builds in sixth grade, but the principles of applied engineering class he took his freshman year allowed him to grow his skills.

“He started with drones and just worked his way up,” junior Mario Castillo said. “He used his (personal computer) knowledge and all of his engineering skills that were used in principles of applied engineering and applied them to his business.”

Hamilton is the lead designer and president of the robotics team, giving him more hands-on experience.

“It’s given me a chance to tackle things head on, organize people, organize projects, and gain leadership skills,” he said.

Along with robotics, Hamilton has found help with his business through his older brothers. His oldest brother is a graphic designer, and his middle brother is a mechanical engineer. 

“Not only did I learn professional tips from my mechanical engineer brother, I also learned graphic design tips,” Hamilton said. “So, I was able to merge those to make my own logo, make my own brand, and make my website.”

Though Hamilton is a successful business owner, he is still a teenager. He takes all advanced classes which sometimes makes balancing school and business difficult.

“I try to keep the school life part out of my business entirely,” he said. “One of the most unprofessional things I can say is telling a client, ‘your order is delayed because of school.’”

Because of this, Hamilton has developed a system to help him stay on top of both his schoolwork and business transactions.

“I have a software that will list projects out with due dates,” he said. “It helps me determine which one is more important and what I need to get done first.”

Through Chazy Designs, Hamilton is able to offer powerful computers for affordable prices, showing “what technology can bring to the table.”

“I think my business will help more people gain access to technology,” Hamilton said. “I like spreading the knowledge that you can go (the custom computer) route because it opens up a lot of budget opportunities.”

According to Heldmann, Hamilton’s business has allowed him to grow as a student.

“I think it motivates him to keep learning,” she said. “It’s very empowering to him to be able to work in this capacity and share his talents with so many people.”