Science program to offer new OnRamps Geoscience course

Geoscience will be added as an advanced science course if 10 students sign up


Emma Siebold via Adobe Express

OnRamps Geoscience will be taught by Michael Pickerill next year if 10 students sign up.

Emma Siebold, Editor-in-Chief

The science program is offering a new advanced course next year–OnRamps Geoscience.

If at least 10 students sign up for the class by this Friday, Jan. 27, then the class can be offered by biology instructor Michael Pickerill next year.

“This unique hybrid class offers college credit and curriculum, feedback from UT faculty members, and in-depth investigations all delivered through your high school classroom,” Pickerill said.

OnRamps Geoscience implements concepts from biology, chemistry and physics to understand earth systems and geological processes.

“I want to go into the science field, so I think it would be good preparation,” junior Izzy White said.

There is no test or application to enroll, but biology is a prerequisite for the class. Chemistry is a recommended prerequisite or concurrent enrollment.

“I want to get credits out of the way for college,” junior Kaylee Carmichael said. “I already took AP Environmental, so I think that’ll make it easier.”

The OnRamps Geoscience course will count as a weighted course with a 1.25 multiplier. The UT class offers 3 college credits.

“I would recommend taking an OnRamps class because of the multiplier,” said senior Catherine Diel, who took OnRamps Precalculus and Statistics courses. “It’s a college class where you are studying on your own, so there’s not a lot of guidance. It depends what OnRamps class you’re taking, but I usually only have homework a few times a week.”

According to OnRamps administrators, Geoscience “introduces students to the major areas in geoscience and helps them develop critical, creative, and geologic problem-solving skills, as applied to current scientific problems.”

Interested students can contact their counselor or stop by Pickerill’s classroom B204. His email address is [email protected].

Students have until this Friday to finalize their course selections on Schoolinks.