Building a legacy

An international scholarship sends senior JD Worley to play soccer in England


Ivana Rocha

JD Worley committed to pay soccer with UDA Soccer Academy.

Kayleigh Fisher, Staff Writer

Senior JD Worley wanted to be a professional soccer player until his dreams were shattered by a number: 1.4 %. That’s how many make it big.

He didn’t lose all hope. Worley will travel abroad next year to continue his soccer career at University of Gloucestershire as part of the UDA soccer program. There, he hopes to pursue a degree in architecture.

“I really got into architecture in middle school,” Worley said. “But then high school gave me a little bit of hope back into soccer. My main focus is to play soccer in college while doing my studies and getting my license in architecture.”

As a varsity center back, Worley has racked up 5 goals and 7 assists over the course of his high school career. Not only is Worley a good soccer player, but he also has good sportsmanship. 

Davis Kuhn
JD Worley prepares to take a corner kick.

“He leaves it all on the field,” head coach Heather Boss said. “After the game, he shakes the other team’s hands and the refs, which is what we want as coaches.”

Even though Worley is quite the success in soccer, he hasn’t always been as mentally prepared for games as he is now.

“He has been known in his early high school seasons to get caught up in talking to referees or opposing players, but he has definitely improved that this season and focuses on what our team needs to do to succeed,” Boss said. 

“I used to get really nervous,” Worley said. “But now that I’m a more mature person, as a player I feel a lot more calm.”

Worley attributes his itch to go abroad to his visit to Sweden in 2019. There, he was trained by professional coaches and played in the youth Gothia Cup

Although Worley is very interested in his soccer career, his determination in academics is still present. 

“JD is determined and hard working,” Boss said.. “He is willing to put in the extra work and effort to be successful.”