STUCO officers share plans for next year


The 2023-24 student council officers have been announced Photo Credit: stuco_sv

Gia Herrera, Opinion/Entertainment Editor

Student council officer positions were announced for the 2023-24 school year. 

Here are the winners:

President: Chesney Gaines 

Vice President: Lily Haider

Secretary: Kendall Jung

Treasurer: Izzy Nowlin

Parliamentarian: Lukas Haider

Spirit Master: Payton Crawford

Historian: Sydney Rakowitz

These students will take over all student council matters and as this year comes to a close they begin their preparations and start planning for next year. 

Each position has its own responsibilities. 

The president oversees everything and acts as the voice of the student body.

“ I’m in charge of hitting the gavel and starting and ending the meetings,” Gaines said, “just doing a lot of behind the scenes work that people won’t notice. I’m in charge of doing the outstanding reports for the state level and just ensuring everything goes smoothly.” 

Gaines has been involved in student council since freshman year. She is a junior now and has an agenda of what she wants to accomplish next year as president.

“ [I want] To emphasize teacher appreciation more often throughout the school year and not just for one solid week in May,” Gaines said, “and to focus more on the five main committees that student council has.”

The main committees of the student council include DASH, Pride and Patriotism and Interchain Environment. Vice president Lily Haider will be in charge of overseeing the committee chairs, which will be decided at a later date.

Student council is an opportunity for students looking to be involved, and for a lot of freshman, that is the environment they’re looking for in high school. 

“ We have a lot of freshman officers this year,” Haider said. “So I’m really excited to see them go to all the trips and all the stuff that we’ve gone through and get to see them grow like I have.”

Freshman Kendall Jung holds the position of secretary, which means she will be in charge of the minutes and keeping everything in order and making sure everything is documented.

“I’m most excited to be a part of a group and see all the people who come out to the events and stuff like that.” Jung said.

These officers will be running the show next year.

“ If you’re interested in joining STUCO, next year is the year to join.” Gaines said.