Valley Ventana

A fish’s view

A fish's view

Catherine Diel, Social Media Manager

May 11, 2020

Crystal blue skies are way up high, out of sight, out of mind. Murky water clouds the eyes of the little fish as they swim along. The fish are smaller than most others in these waters, fresh to a new setting. But just when they thought they were surviving in the big sea, COVID-19 made a splash, muddyin...

Adapting to reality

Freshman Iris Bradbury photographs the front of the school for a Journalism I assignment on April 5.

Daniel Lackey, Chloe Presley-Gundaker, and Rebekah Mann

April 18, 2020

  "I'm happy and all, but I'm a little worried for next year because we'll probably be behind. And what about orchestra? How am I supposed to get into honors program?" freshman Riley Brown said. “I feel both sad and happy; sad that I don’t get to be with my friends and my football ...

King of the mountain

Devante Mount fights for a layup against New Braunfels. Mount was a key starter on basketball's first playoff team in a half-decade.

Jackson Posey, Sports Editor

March 26, 2020

A military kid, Devante Mount has leveraged his background in his quest for greatness.

Theatre knocks it out of the (Clybourne) park

As they stand on the stage, the Clybourne Park cast and crew accept their first place plaque at their most recent contest.

Aidenne Despres and Tatum Tomallo

March 8, 2020

A quiet auditorium after a long day of performances. Five schools wait with anticipation. The contest manager is about to announce the schools who will advance to one-act district competition. “Comal’s Smithson Valley!” The auditorium erupts with applause. The class lines up onstage to receive their 1st plac...

Who are you really?

Sophomore Jordan Turman (ESFP) takes the keys2cognition test to figure out her type

Chloe Presley-Gundaker, Managing Editor

March 5, 2020

The idea of the Myers Briggs Type Indicator has been around since 1921, when Carl Jung released his book, "Psychological Types," and was later followed with the creation of the assessment by Isabel Briggs Myers. The 10-15 minute assessment makes you ask yourself questions like "what are my strengths...

Heart and sole

In the middle of a day's worth of gathering shoes, Redin lounges atop a heap of donated shoes.

Daniel Lackey and Margaret Edmonson

February 29, 2020

She worked on the weekends. She worked on the weekdays after school. She worked and worked and worked, accumulating more than 100 service hours in the process. All for a bunch of dirty shoes. Senior Abby Redin headed the Soles 4 Souls community service project, striving to collect pairs of shoes ...

Understanding Black History Month

Black History Month is a chance for students to honor African Americans.

Joey Clark, Staff Writer

February 27, 2020

The term slavery left a bad taste in America’s mouth, a healing scar many would rather forget was there. Segregation, a dark cloud dissipated years ago by the activists of the civil rights movement that have put away their signs.  Black suffrage was achieved years ago, and in many ways the equal worl...

From hopes and dreams to Harvard

For Dual Credit Spanish IV, juniors Colton Amaya and James Mendez set up an ofrenda in the library. The ofrenda served as a school celebration of Dia de los Muertos,

Emma Siebold, Staff Writer

February 22, 2020

Mendez has made made many sacrifices to achieve his goals to attend the prestigious university.

French class hero

Linda Hawkins shares an experience from her time in France

Catherine Diel, Social Media Manager

February 21, 2020

Growing up in a Spanish speaking household in Laredo, Linda Hawkins never expected she would become a French teacher.  “My secondary, or even primary, language was Spanish,” Hawkins said. “My grandmother spoke nothing but Spanish. I spoke Spanish and English at the house.” This all chan...

Theatre department tackles 50-year play

During rehearsal for 'Clybourne Park,' junior Brenna Collins plays Bev in the first part and Lindsey in the second part.

Aidenne Despres, Staff Writer

February 12, 2020

In one act, production theater's "Clybourne Park" traces 50 years of societal change from utter intolerance to concealed tension between black and white people. The cast and crew will perform "Clybourne Park" for the UIL One-Act Play contest, a statewide competition with both technical and acting a...

Play ball

Senior Caleb Mosley (right) talks with junior Brenna Collins (left) during a performance of “Middletown.” Along with his theatrical feats, Mosley also plays varsity basketball.

Jackson Posey, Sports Editor

February 11, 2020

Senior Caleb Mosley is a real-life Troy Bolton.

Teacher shares experience at Centennial Park bombing

Picture of Centennial Park before the bombing

Chloe Presley-Gundaker, Managing Editor

February 7, 2020

After walking to her car, due to an overcrowd in the concert she had attended at the Centennial Olympic Park, Chemistry teacher Kay Newsome heard one huge, loud boom, followed by panicking screams of those who surrounded her. What Newsome had just experienced was the bombing of an event that killed...