Get ready for PSAT

Testing coordinator offers tips, advice for Wednesday

Wednesday's PSAT will measure what you have learned in school and how prepared you are for college.


Wednesday's PSAT will measure what you have learned in school and how prepared you are for college.

Miguel Diaz, Staff Writer

About 2,400 students on campus will take the Preliminary Scholastic Aptitude Test Wednesday from 8:45 a.m. to 1:30 p.m.

While some consider it a practice test, it could have important ramifications to those whose scores could qualify them for National Merit recognition and related scholarships.

Testing coordinator Michael Saberian advises packing light on Wednesday.

“What I mean is to not carry your all of your school materials that day as you might only go to your last two periods of the day,” he said. “Make sure in those materials you carry a wooden #2 pencil as they are the pencil needed for the testing scantron.”

The PSAT has four different sections; math with and without a calculator, English reading comprehension and English sentence structuring and grammar corrections.

“For the math section of the test, it is highly recommended that you bring a calculator from home,” Saberian said. “Some will be distributed in the testing room for those who do not own a calculator. The calculators that come from home should not have internet access as they will be taken away from the PSAT instructor and given back at the end of the testing period.”

Anything else with internet access such as laptops, cellular devices and gaming devices will be taken by the instructor and given back after the test, or they will be stored away in backpacks in the front of the classroom.

Everyone will eat lunch in the testing room, so Saberian recommends bringing a lunch from home. If not, lunch will be provided from the cafeteria.

“Most of what is on the PSAT is a mixture of topics learned years before and brand new topics from the current year,” Saberian said. “With the PSAT study packet students got, a majority of the topics will be review.”

A good night’s sleep and a big breakfast are encouraged for testing success.

“The day of the test, don’t stress yourself,” Saberian said. “Breathe in and out and focus on what you need to to ace the test.”

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