Seeing red

Dress up days encourage drug-free campus


Jackson Newell

STUCO invites the campus to dress up to fight the war on drugs.

Camden Cook, Staff Writer

Say no to drugs and yes to dress up days, red ribbons and school spirit.

Student Council hosts Red Ribbon Week next week to promote the importance of rejecting drug and alcohol lifestyles.

Red Ribbon Week is the nation’s largest and longest running drug use prevention campaign. Starting Monday, students join in the fight to keep kids drug-free by wearing themed outfits. 

Red Ribbon Week began after the death of Drug Enforcement Administration special agent Enrique “Kiki” Camarena was killed by the Mexican drug cartels he was investigating.

Drug use can have a wide range of short-term and long-term affects.

“I don’t do drugs because i don’t want my future to be ruined by something that could be prevented.” Silver Spur officer Caroline Beach said.

Being drug and alcohol free has its benefits.

 “It allows you to make better decisions and more informed choices at a pivotal time in your life,” football coach Tony Trevino said..

 The first dress-up day is Pajama Day on Monday. The slogan is “Wear your pajamas to put drugs on snooze.”

Tuesday is “Peace, Love and Boot Drugs” for Cowboy vs. Hippie day. 

Students are encouraged to carry their school supplies in anything but a backpack on Wednesday to “carry the drugs away”  from the campus and out of teens’ lives.

“I think students are most excited for ‘Anything But a Backpack Day.’” freshman Allison Silba said. “I’m probably going to bring a microwave.”

On Camo Day Thursday, students wear camouflage to prove it is not cool to blend in with drugs. 

STUCO asks everyone to wear red on Friday to say not to drugs in honor of Red Ribbon Week.