Welcome to family Madrigal

‘Encanto’ released on streaming service


©Walt Disney Co./Courtesy Evere

ENCANTO, from left: Luisa Madrigal (voice: Jessica Darrow), Isabela Madrigal (voice: Diane Guerrero), Abuela Alma (voice: Maria Cecilia Botero), Mirabel Madrigal (voice: Stephanie Beatriz), Augustin Madrigal (voice: Wilmer Valderrama), Julieta Madrigal (voice: Angie Cepeda), Camilo Madrigal (voice: Rhenzy Feliz), Pepa Madrigal (voice: Carolina Gaitan), Felix Madrigal (voice: Mauro Castillo), Dolores Madrigal (voice: Adessa); Antonio Madrigal (voice: Ravi Cabot-Conyers), 2021. © Walt Disney Studios Motion Pictures / Courtesy Everett Collection

Giavana Herrera and Emily Krupa

“Encanto,” the latest film to be released on Disney+,  introduces a very special family, the family Madrigal, blessed with a miracle that gives members magical powers. 

However, when it is Mirabel’s turn to get her gift, she didn’t get one. 

The story begins on the day her cousin Antonio is to get his gift. Mirabel  (voice of Stephanie Beatriz) starts to see her casita falling apart and cracking. No one in her family believes her, especially her abuela, who is constantly worried that the miracle will leave them. 

Mirabel, tired of not being able to measure up to her siblings and cousins with amazing magical gifts, decides to fix the house and find out what is putting her beloved casita in danger. She goes on a quest to find her uncle Bruno who left the house after seeing the future. 

The rest of the story is very predictable, like most Disney movies. Mirabel meets her uncle, finds out that she is putting her casita in danger, tries to fix it herself and fails, then has her family help her. They end up with a new home and the family ties that were broken are mended.

Despite the movie coming out a few months ago, it has just recently been blowing up, especially the music. The music might have been the best part of the whole film, one of the lead musical producers was Lin-Manuel Miranda.

The film did much better than what was expected, when “Encanto” first came out, it was released alongside “House of Gucci,” a highly anticipated movie. It was only expected to make around $35 million, but reached $40.6 million in just the first five days of it being released.

The movie sends a message that pressure to measure up to other people, specifically societal pressure can break family bonds, but family is the most important miracle that anyone can have .