The Car less driven

Arctic Monkeys try out a new style in their new album

The Car, the seventh studio album by the Artic Monkeys, released Oct. 21.

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The Car, the seventh studio album by the Artic Monkeys, released Oct. 21.

Gia Herrera, Entertainment/Opinion Editior

The Arctic Monkeys released their newest album “The Car” Oct. 21 alongside Taylor Swift’s long anticipated album “Midnight” 

The album, which runs 37 minutes, was produced by James Ford, who is known for his work with groups such “The Machine” and “Gorillaz.”

The album has 10 songs, including the pre-released singles, “There’d Better Be a Mirrorball,” “Body Paint” and “I Ain’t Quite Where I Think I Am.” 

Lead singer Alex Turner hoped to make a more guitar based album with a mellow vibe. 

He did a good job at accomplishing this goal. The album is slower than the previous ones, but it’s not necessarily a bad thing. It has good songs to just chill out to, like on your bed when it is raining out.

It definitely gives off that vibe.

“Body Paint” and “Hello You” were reminiscent of their previous album, “Favorite Worst Nightmare.” The guitar, the beat drops and the drums all come together to create an amazing song. 

This album has been a pretty controversial one, simply because it is something they haven’t done before. The Arctic Monkeys are a rock band – people expect drums and lots of intense moments, but these songs are much more relaxed and calm. 

“Mrs. Schwartz” was just a little too slow, was almost depressing. It did not add much to the album and worthy of skipping over

These 10 good songs leave the listener wanting more.