Meet Taylor at midnight

After a two year break, Taylor Swift drops new album.


Republic Records

Taylor Swift’s “Midnight” released on Oct. 21.

Emilie Ramirez, Staff Writer

When Taylor Swift accepted the award for music video of the year, she surprised the audience at the 2022 MTV Music Video Awards with an announcement of her own.

And I had sort of made up my mind that if you were going to be this generous and give us this, I thought it might be a fun moment to tell you that my brand-new album comes out Oct. 21,” she said. “And I will tell you more at midnight.”

And so Oct. 21 was the day all of “Taylor Nation” was waiting for – Swift’s 10th studio album. 

“Midnight” was inspired by 13 sleepless nights Swift had. 

When 3 a.m. rolled around, she made another surprise announcement – seven more songs in addition to the original album.

Track 1 – “Lavender Haze”: This gives off a Sam Smith and Justin Timberlake upbeat vibe. She starts the song saying, “Meet me at midnight,” kicking off the whole idea of the album. 9/10

Track 2 – “Maroon”: This underrated song takes the listener back to “1989,” the “Taylor Lautner era.”  Another upbeat song, the bridge draws the listener. Overall rating 8/10

Track 3 – “Anti-Hero”: One of the top five songs, this crazy song almost does not make sense – but in a way, it does. Case in point, “It’s me. Hi, I’m the problem, it’s me” Swift brings light to those funny, crazy dreams we all have and serves up pure happiness. The music video highlights this craziness and reflects a real change for Swift.  9.5/10

Track 4 – “Snow On The Beach” (ft. Lana Del Ray): Those who were excited that Lana Del Ray going to be on this song will find her hard to find. Del Ray should have had more vocals on this song. The fourth on the album, this song takes a turn with a different vibe and beat.  7/10

Track 5- “You’re On Your Own, Kid”: Not as upbeat but more truthful, this song represents her thoughts as she blossomed into who she is – not putting a facade on, just speaking the truth and not feeling shame about it. “You’re on your own kid, you always have been,” is relatable to a lot of listeners. 10/10

Track 6 – “Midnight Rain”: The beginning of this song separates it from the others, and it feels like it’s about one of her ex’s. But you know Ms. Swift; she’s gotta add in that song about an ex somewhere.  8/10

Track 7 – “Question…?”: This. Song. If you are a Harry Styles fan, this song sounds a lot like “Keep Driving.” The lyrics represent an old relationship, as she asks questions if the things he’s doing with his new partner are the same they once did. 10/10 

Track 8 – “Vigilante S**t”: Right off the bat, this song sounds like “Reputation’s” older sister. It gives off Swift’s new outlook on revenge: she doesn’t get sad, she gets even. The bridge of the song carries off the song’s feminist vibes. 10/10 

Track 9 – “Bejeweled”: The intro for this song is different from the others. This one really brought back vibes from “Lover.” One worth listening to.  7/10

Track 10 -“Labyrinth”: This is another one that could make another top 5 list. 10/10

Track 11- “Karma”: This wannabe “Reputation” song rates only 5/10.

Track 12- “Sweet Nothing”: It’s another of those songs that touched on childhood in the beginning. With a  slow, soft tracks, it talks about how there’s so much pressure in the outside world and how she finds comfort. 9.5/10

Track 13- “Mastermind”: In this  last song on the album, Swift breaks down how she’s a “Mastermind” in this song and the brains behind all of it.  9/10

Then came the 3 a.m. surprise came – seven more new tracks.

“3 a.m.” Edition:

Track 14 – “The Great War”: The song relates hardships in all kinds of relationships and how to get over them to come out greater. This song talks about the more difficult side, the not so pretty side, and how fights and arguments go on  in relationships. This should go in a “top five” list. 10/10 

Track 15 – “Bigger Than The Whole Sky”:  With a slow start to a sad song, Swift sings about losing someone she knew for a short amount of time.  9/10

Track 16 – “Paris”: This song about Swift in Paris didn’t make a whole lot of sense but had a good vibe. My overall rating 7/10 

Track 17 – “High Infidelity”: Infidelity is a high level of pain as she dives in two decks of games that were in this unstable relationship that she had. This song kind of had that wave of it.  10/10

Track 18 – “Glitch”:  The beat and the lyrics just clashed. There’s not too much to say about this track. 4/10

Track 19 – “Would’ve, Could’ve, Should’ve”:  This one is worth playing over and over again.  10/10

Track 20 – “Dear Reader”: In this song, Swift addresses her listeners.  10/10

Swift will not always have the same type of songs every time she has a new album, and those changes reflect the growth she brings to each new album.

“Swifties” should listen to this album. It’s a 9.75 out of 10, which means there’s room for improvement – and another Swift album.