Prom tickets on sale

Prom will be on March 25


Bethany Mann via Canva Graphics

Prom tickets can be accessed online through the brushfire website.

Amanda Allen, Staff Writer

Prom 2023 is approaching a lot earlier than expected. Usually, this event would commence in late May, but this year, it is on March 25. The theme is “Dice and Diamonds” and will be at the JW Marriott Hill Country Resort & Spa. 

Tickets went on sale for seniors last week for $60 and opened to juniors this week for the same price. Starting next week until March 14, tickets will be $70, and from March 15 to 22  they will be $80. 

“Dice and Diamonds” is a casino theme, and many students are looking forward to attending. Senior Abigail Ortman is planning to go to a restaurant before the dance with her friends.

“A lot of my friends bought sparkly dresses as well so I think the theme is really easy to follow,” she said.

Junior Cora Evans, much like most students, will be showing up to prom on a party bus along with her friends. However, she decided not to buy a new dress.

“(My dress) was my mom’s, and I’m getting it tailored to me,” she said.