Fashion show with a heart

Small Town in Style benefits Spina Bifida Texas, FashionABLE


Alex Whelchel via Canva

Small Town in Style takes place at 6:30 p.m. April 6 at The Gardens of Cranesbury View.

Alex Whelchel, Staff Writer

Rhaya Edison is described by her mom Danni as an extroverted, determined and fierce 12-year-old princess.

Rhaya also was born with spina bifida, a birth defect that affects the spinal cord and can lead to paralysis and loss of bowel and bladder control.

“Her physical talents consist of using a Kaye walker plus a wheelchair for abilities,” Danni said. “She is appropriately versed on her condition and an advocate for the special needs community.”

SV Fashion Club
The fashion club presents its second annual show April 6.

That community will benefit from the fashion club’s April 6 fashion show. Located at The Gardens of Cranesbury View, the show will begin at 6:30 p.m. with tickets costing $5 for students.

All proceeds will go to Texas FashionABLE, a non-profit organization in San Antonio that makes custom clothing for students with disabilities.

“We get assigned to a student who has a disability and we get to make something for them that fits their needs,” fashion club president Abbey Alcoser said. “So if they’re in a wheelchair, we can make something that’s easily accessible for their parents to get them dressed.”

The Edison family has been a part of the SBTX community since 2011.

“Adaptive clothing is a needed form of independence for special needs families. The clothing adds confidence and purpose to the individual,” Danni said. “SBTX has been a wealth of resources for my family. I was able to become more knowledgeable with their assistance.”

SBTX resources include supportive programs, equipment, medical supplies, social activities and access to families in similar situations.

Although the show’s main goal is to raise money for SBTX, Alcoser also hopes it will bring recognition to local boutiques. Participating stores include Common Roots, Brooke Lane, Holly Berries, The Well, Saving Grace and Bless Your Heart.

“It’s been really hard this year for boutiques,” Alcoser said. “Like half the boutiques who were in the show last year are not in business anymore. We want to bring awareness to local boutiques and get them some recognition. Also, get our own fashion club and program some recognition for new students coming in.”

Prior to the show, students modeling in the show will have a chance to connect with the boutiques.

“Students will be assigned to a specific boutique, and they get to go to a fitting, try on what they want to wear and then the boutique will bring the clothes beforehand to the show,” Alcoser said. “Once students are done modeling, the clothes will go back to the boutique.”

Tickets are on sale now and cost $5 for students with a school ID and $10 for adults.

“The show makes a really big impact on the community,” Alcoser said, “and not only shows student leadership but also showcases our school and how this program and fashion works.”