Senate Finance Committee to revise teacher’s salaries

Texas lawmakers discuss funds to potentially raise salaries


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House Bill 1548 is placed to hopefully halt the growing rate of resigning teachers

Kayleigh Fisher, Staff Writer

Because of the growing teacher shortage after the pandemic of 2020, the Texas Senate Finance Committee reserved $5 billion for educators and additional educator projects. They also saved $3.7 billion for costs of living arrangements for former teachers through House Bill 1548.

The bill will increase teacher’s payroll by 25% if the employee has been working the same position in the same district. Depending on how long the educator has been working in the field, the raise will defer. 

There has been nearly a 3% drop in the teaching field, leaving many to wonder why the number of teachers resigning is skyrocketing. 

The average salary for Texas teachers is $45,000  a year, which is less than the average salary in America. But because of the Senate Finance Committee’s recent proposal, the teacher resignation rate should decrease.  

Biology teacher Analaura Trevino graduated in fall of 2020. This is her first year teaching, and she approves of the bill.

“It will be very impactful,” Trevino said. “I think teachers will feel recognized for all the work they are doing. Being a teacher you are given a lot of responsibilities.” 

Although Trevino is on board with Bill 1548, money isn’t all that is a part of the job for her. 

“I feel like there are other things that help balance out not getting [money],” Trevino said. “Money isn’t everything. For me when I get positive experiences with students, it makes up for everything.”