Community approves 2 of 3 propositions in bond election

Bond Proposition A and C passed in election


Via Comal ISD website

Two of the three bond propositions passed after a community vote on May 6.

Alex Whelchel, Staff Writer

Comal ISD residents have approved two of the three bond propositions after a community vote on May 6, with 55% of voters in favor of proposition A, 59% in opposition of proposition B and 53% in favor of proposition C. The passed propositions will not raise the district tax rate.

“I was for sure in support of the bond,” Comal ISD resident Julia Patterson said. “Whether it raised taxes or not, these propositions were necessary for the district.”

Proposition A will allow the district to sell $560,564,863 in bonds to focus on the recent influx of people to Comal County. 

“Proposition A will address continued district growth in the way of three new elementary schools to provide capacity relief to Bill Brown, Johnson Ranch, Oak Creek and Freiheit Elementary Schools, and a new middle school to relieve Canyon Middle School,” the Comal ISD website reads. “Also funded by Proposition A is a new Life Bridges campus, a program designed to educate young adults with disabilities to increase independence in family and community settings.”

Due to local golf clubs no longer allowing students to use their facilities for practice, this proposition will also provide the funding necessary to build a golf practice facility on campus. Along with this, it will provide updates to the baseball stadium, soccer and wrestling locker rooms and will build a stand-alone dance studio.

Proposition C, consisting of $28,000,000, will use the funding to improve technology on campuses across the district. This will include the purchase of student learning devices, outdoor Wi-Fi, a wide area network and classroom audiovisual upgrades.

With proposition B failing to pass, stadium improvement projects will not be included in the use of the bonds.

“I am thrilled with the results of propositions A and C,” Patterson said. “It would have been nice to have proposition B pass as well, as stadium projects are a need for safety when the seating is already at capacity. Hoping as a district we can accommodate their needs in the future.”

With a low voter turnout, Patterson feels as though residents of the district don’t understand the importance of these elections.

“I would have liked to see more of our community get out and voice their vote,” she said. “I understand the turnout tends to be lower for these kinds of elections, but it doesn’t mean they are less important.”