Valley Ventana

Wanda and Vision lead a double life of being superheroes and a seemingly average couple.

Wandavision is Wanda’s vision

Marvel's "Wandavision" lives up to fans' expectations
Grace Bush, Staff Writer February 11, 2021

Set in numerous alternate realities, Marvel and Disney+’s WandaVision traces the life of telekinetic superhero Wanda (portrayed by Elizabeth Olson) and her android partner Vision (portrayed by Paul Bettany)...

Ayron jones

Rock-n-Roll back?

Ayron Jones a rising rock star with heavy power cords and mixes it with Jimmy Hendrix licks.
Dylan Smith, Staff writer February 5, 2021

Ayron Jones. If you haven't heard his name before you will. The number one upcoming artists for rock and roll. An orphan from Seattle, rowing up in an orphanage, teaching himself guitar at 13 years old,...

The Little Things was released on Jan. 29 in the United States, and grossed over 4.8 million its first weekend.

The Little Things leaves bigger questions

New Denzel Washington movie leaves more to the imagination than necessary
Chloe Presley, Online Publication Editor February 4, 2021

With popular Academy Award-winning names such as Denzel Washington, Rami Malek, and Jared Leto, you would think "The Little Things", directed by John Lee Hancock, would knock it out of the park. Unfortunately,...

Here are some book options to encourage less screen time and more page time.

Web editor’s 2021 must reads

New material for everyone to be excited for
Chloe Presley, Online Publication Editor January 25, 2021

With the abundance of time we have on our hands with the never ending pandemic, I have created a must-reads list for those who need help with choosing something.  Given that everyone has different tastes,...

Looking for something to read? Here are 5 honorable mentions and 6 of some of the best thrillers on the market.

Six absolute must-read thrillers

Social media manager's end all-be all list on popular literary genre
Catherine Diel, Social Media Manager January 23, 2021

Last year, I recommended six must-read thrillers, but the truth is, I was somewhat new to the genre, so every thriller I read was “the best thriller”. While I still stand by some of those choices,...

Hallmark releases breakthrough LGBTQ+ holiday movie (with major shortcomings)

Why this hallmark of a movie ultimately disappoints
Daniel Lackey, Editor-in-Chief December 19, 2020

We complained and complained (and complained) about Hallmark's blatant failure in writing/producing Christmas movies that branch away from the same formula where: A boy meets girl (or vice versa)...

Ariana Grande, one of the biggest names in the music industry, surged to the top of the Billboard Top 200 chart for the fourth time with

Ariana Grande enriches discography with fifth studio album

Editors express love for pop superstar's new R&B-inspired LP
November 18, 2020

4 No. 1 albums. One Grammy. A multi-platinum and multi-talented artist. How does her latest release compare to her other works?

The Social Dilemma uses testimonies from previous social media employees to reveal real concerns with how the platforms control their users.

Views from the platform

Netflix's documentary reveals how social media manipulates its users
Arianna Johnson, Staff Writer November 13, 2020

“The Social Dilemma” is a recent Netflix documentary that is only the slightest bit creepy, very daunting to the viewers, and a film everyone should familiarize themselves with. By revealing the...

The cover to rapper Eshon Burgundy's latest album,

Free of charge

On “Sinful Remission,” Eshon Burgundy fights for righteousness
Jackson Posey, Sports editor November 9, 2020
On “Sinful Remission,” Eshon Burgundy fights for righteousness
The Travis Scott burger meal, named after the popular rapper, failed to meet some diners' expectations.

The underwhelming Travis Scott burger

Celebrity meal at McDonald's fails to deliver on hype
Tatum Tomallo, Social Media Manager October 6, 2020

Since its Sept. 8 release date, publicity around McDonald’s Travis Scott meal has been shown  on every media source, so I decided to try it for myself. After taking a bite of what I'd hoped to be...

Bendy the dancing demon

Video game set to release around Oct. 2020
Matthew Brittingham, Staff Writer October 1, 2020

A malfunctioning ink machine created a tall, horrific, humanoid ink demon version of an old-fashioned black and white cartoon character named Bendy the Dancing Demon, whose face is melted to the point...

Soaring with Sora

Soaring with Sora

Reading app makes it easier for students to access books
Catherine Diel, Social Media Manager September 18, 2020

The start of the new school year marks the beginning of students’ climb up the mountain of homework. Nobody gets to stay on top of that for long. This results in lower to no time for reading. However,...

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