The underwhelming Travis Scott burger

Celebrity meal at McDonald’s fails to deliver on hype


Tatum Tomallo

The Travis Scott burger meal, named after the popular rapper, failed to meet some diners’ expectations.

Tatum Tomallo, Social Media Manager

Since its Sept. 8 release date, publicity around McDonald’s Travis Scott meal has been shown  on every media source, so I decided to try it for myself.

After taking a bite of what I’d hoped to be a meal worthy of the never-ending commercials, I realized what was advertised as the greatest burger meal turned out to be mediocre at best. 

The meal features a Quarter Pounder with cheese topped with slivered onions, shredded lettuce and, most importantly, sliced bacon. A medium order of fries, a side of barbeque dipping sauce and a medium Sprite comes in the order.

I felt drawn to try it because the $6 price meant I would not waste too much money. The barbeque sauce and fries were surprisingly delectable, but overall, I was underwhelmed to say the least, and I wasn’t the only one who thought this.

“I’m gonna be honest. It tasted like a Quarter Pounder with tasteless bacon,” junior Gunnar Kelly said. “Quite frankly, I was misled.  I was oblivious to the fact that you ordered the meal. What if I don’t want a Sprite? I believe the barbeque sauce with the fries was a nice touch, though.”

The fact that the choice of drink and size of the fries was predetermined also lessened the hype for me.

McDonald’s promotion of the meal endorsed by Travis Scott, a successful rapper and music producer, was an undeniably clever marketing tactic to appeal to millennials and teenagers.

However, the buildup that swarmed this new meal was just a facade to hide the fact it was honestly pathetic.

Not everyone disliked the meal. In fact, I didn’t necessarily detest it, but the meal was just not what I’d hoped it would be. 

“It was actually pretty good despite the fact that it didn’t come with a toy,” sophomore Emily Blume said. “I think the meal was worth $6.  It was a little underwhelming, though, because I’m a Travis Scott fan.”

Whether you’re a Travis Scott fan or even a McDonald’s fan, you’re going to be disappointed, and that’s the plain truth. The meal will not be available after Oct. 4, but in my opinion, there’s no need to rush.

Note: Since this story was posted after Oct. 4, the meal itself is not available, but you can specialize your order in order to try it yourself.