Gobble for good

FACS begins Thanksgiving fundraiser for families in need


Samuel Rico

Money donated to Gobbling for Good will benefit families in need by helping them afford Thanksgiving meals.

Samuel Rico, Staff Writer

As the season of giving approaches, the annual Gobbling For Good fundraiser is underway. 

For one week, teachers and students will be able to raise money to give full Thanksgiving meals and Christmas gifts to 10 families in need.The goal is to be able to buy Thanksgiving dinners provided by H-E-B for families. 

“Many families last year were okay but are really struggling now,” FACS teacher Aubrie Herring said. “The families were picked by talking to many social workers.”

Starting on Friday, Nov. 5, teachers will receive plastic bags to collect donations with throughout the week.This will be a contest to see what class can collect the most money throughout the week of Nov. 8.The winner will be announced on or before Tuesday, Nov. 16. 

“Students are very excited about this and went out and bought a turkey costume to wear during all lunches,” Herring said.

Each day, teachers will drop off the amount of donations they have made that day to room C106 with the teachers name, room number and amount.

   “Our goal is to raise enough money to purchase 40 turkeys & hams and provide 10 H-E-B Thanksgiving meals to families in need in our community,” Herring said. “I realize that it’s hard to give up time to do this, but please know that every little amount helps and adds up to the larger amount.”

For every $25 raised, a teacher will receive a turkey to display on their classroom door. The prize for the class who raised the most funds is an ice cream party for all of the teachers’ periods on or before Tuesday, Nov.16.