The worst artist to date

Up-and-coming artist fails to release endurable music


Photo courtesy of artist

Jerris Johnson is the son of two musicians, debuting his own music in 2020.

Lucian Steube-Lintner, Staff Writer

Jeris Johnson is exactly what’s wrong with modern music

Calm green washes over a filming studio only to be abruptly interrupted by harsh glitching and bright lights. Self-proclaimed up-and-coming artist Jeris Johnson released his new song, “My Sword” on March 11. His music video features excessive flashing, cutting from scene to scene and constant zooming.

“My Sword” is a tasteless cluster that is only enhanced by an overly sexual music video. The music video features several underdressed women and makes a point to zoom in inappropriately on the women. If the camera is not busy focusing on these women, it settles on Johnson making wild movements or interacting with a poorly made computer generated robotic horse.

It is a surprise Johnson has gained the popularity he has with meaningless, misogynistic or uncomfortably sexual lyrics. He manages to fit in curse words every other line while singing his own praises and claiming he is on par with King Arthur.

Johnson’s newest release contains endless innuendos and constant self-praise. His singing is sub-par, and he is unable to keep on beat with his own song, even in a recording. His instrument choices and chords struggle to resemble famous music artists who he claims to take inspiration from, such as Slipknot. 

Johnson claims he is breaking boundaries and flawlessly blending multiple genres into his own which he calls “Future Grunge,” yet it falls directly into the rock territory. Johnson fails to properly combine the genres he takes inspiration from and successfully makes an incoherent mess of a song with meaningless lyrics.

Some artists can get away with sexual lyrics and music videos because they keep a good beat and create an enjoyable listening experience. Johnson is not one of those artists. He has managed to take the worst parts of popular artists and embody himself as a tone-deaf rocker.

Johnson’s audience only manages to feed his ego with their aggressive defense of him. He has created an audience of egomaniacs which believe he is the god he acts like. Criticizing Johnson in front of one of his fans is a sure fire way to enrage several misogynists and thirteen-year-old boys.

It is evident that Johnson’s songs are incredibly immature due to the fact that when on school wifi or a school account his songs will be completely blocked. His music videos also contain endless flashing and at this point should contain an epilepsy warning.

Jeris Johnson is not an artist I’d recommend to even my worst enemy.