Day of Silence

SURE club invites students to join protest against silencing of LGBT+ students



The Day of Silence takes April 20 to honor the struggles facing LGBTQ+ teens.

Lucian Steube-Lintner, Staff Writer

SURE club invites students to participate Wednesday in the National Day of Silence to increase awareness of the silencing of LGBT+ students regarding harassment in school settings. 

The National Day of Silence is sponsored by Gay, Lesbian and Straight Education Network, and schools across the country will be participating.

Students can participate by taking a vow of silence during first period and stay quiet until the end of the day. They may still speak in class if required and carry a speaking card to signify they are participating. 

“We’re going to be silent as a means of protest for people in the LGBT+ community who feel like they can’t be open about their sexuality or gender,” SURE club member Andy Thomason said. “The Day of Silence is to put it out there that we are supporting them.”

The event also will highlight issues affecting teens at this school and millions of kids across the country.

“There’s all these laws, like the ‘don’t say gay’ bill and the anti trans legislation like trans people in sports, specifically targeting trans women,” junior Cassandra Ramirez said.

To finish off the day, SURE club encourages students who participated to come to B102 for snacks and to discuss what went on during the day.

“We are really looking forward to spreading awareness about the issues member of the LGBT+ community face,” sponsor Jimmy Wilson said, “and helping not only our group empathize with those who are silenced but also to show other people in the school what we are doing this for.”