Silent success

"A Quiet Place" hits well with audience


"A Quiet Place" was released in theaters on April 6, 2018.

Hudson Murphy, Staff Writer

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One of the biggest movies of 2018, “A Quiet Place” lives up to the hype it received after the release of its trailer, which had nine million views on YouTube.

“A Quiet Place” boasts two big names: John Krasinski, who directs and plays the main role, and his wife, actress Emily Blunt. Krasinski’s vision in a more serious role excites audiences who followed him after hit TV comedy, “The Office.”

The movie diverges from the typical horror film genre. The audience learns early that the movie remains silent. In fact, characters’ names are never told, with the audience left to figure out major plot points on its own. Some sort of blind creatures take over the earth, and the only way to escape death is to remain completely silent.

With occasional frightening jumpscares, the movie doesn’t purely rely on that for substance. It develops characters and the plot and pulls at the heartstrings of the audience multiple times. The movie leaves you on the edge of your seat and will make you nervous and invested in the safety of a family you haven’t even heard speak.

Being in the theatre for a movie like this is different. Because it’s silent, you will try not to cough or crunch on popcorn as everyone in the theatre will be able to hear every noise you make.

The ending might not be satisfying as it leaves the viewer to decide what happens after the cutoff and credits. Krasinski does a great job in his directing debut. Overall it was a great film that takes a welcomed different path from the typical horror film.

Rating: 8/10

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