The power of pizza

Need an extra push for deciding what to order this Friday night?

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The power of pizza

Choosing which pizza to chomp on made easier.

Choosing which pizza to chomp on made easier.


Choosing which pizza to chomp on made easier.



Choosing which pizza to chomp on made easier.

Daniel Lackey, Staff Writer

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Scattered locations of pizza joints dot the Spring Branch landscape hoping to lure in customers eager to satisfy irrepressible pizza cravings. Choosing one is a mission in itself, so our staff is here to help. By describing their pizza place preferences in their perspectives, your next pizza excursion may not feel so conflicting.


“As you walk into the tempting aroma of the savory smelling restaurant of 46th Street Pizza, you instantly feel welcome with the open and friendly environment. The savory taste and mouth-watering all-meat thin crust pizza melts into your mouth as you bite into it.”

-Leslie Juarez (12th)

“Greasy. Cheesy. Kinda gross. Amazing. Some people prefer Pizza Hut, maybe even 46th Street, but let me tell you, no other pizza has a crust like Domino’s. That’s why it’s my favorite.”

-Laney Rendon (12th)

“Adorned by a crust not too thick but not too thin, this sweet and garlic-y red sauce serves as a home to the most delectable variety of toppings in the Bulverde/Spring Branch area.”

-Rebecca Covington (12th)

“As soon as you walk into Domino’s, it smells like heaven. Well, at least to me. For most people it would smell like an overload of spices, grease, and garlic. The crust is dripping with butter and covered with garlic sauce. You can almost taste the burnt edges around the pizza.”

-Kylee Bridges  (9th)

“Sauce, crust, and cheese all in a perfect ratio that melts in the mouth with each bite. With a range of sweet desserts to follow the pizza, Papa John’s is unmatched in pizza recipe.

-Taralynn Gates (9th)

“By cracking open a laptop, waiting for the snail-like crawl of the internet to load, then punching in the URL, one experiences the beginning of a gift being unwrapped. When the delivery man arrives, the present is revealed: a delicious, round, and bulking pan pizza topped with a field of pepperoni, stringy, gooey cheese, and a full crust made even more irresistible once its immersed in a pool of yellow, salty garlic sauce.”

-Daniel Lackey (10th)

“Enveloped in a soft, pale exterior was a marvel of human advancement. People came from all around to get a taste of this magnanimous accomplishment. A pizza. But not just any pizza, a pizza with savory pepperoni atop a fresh, soft crust. A delectable wonder of intelligence wrapped in a ten inch circle of love, so shoutout to Stout’s, roundabout the best in town.”

-Jackson Posey (9th)

“As I took my first bite, I could already tell that Big Lou’s was my favorite pizza spot. The crust has a nice crunch to it while melting in your mouth at the same time. You can smell the fresh aroma of marinara, cheese, and pepperoni. It also has a great family environment with TVs.”

-Joseph Romano (10th)

“The delectable sauce, spiced with a variety of pungent, flavorful seasonings coated on the thinly spread dough, soon to be crisped in a broiling oven. The sharp aroma of cilantro and fresh, plump tomatoes lingered throughout the brick-covered room, teasing the nostrils of awaiting patrons lining the tables.

-Skylar Butts (9th)

“You walk into a new pizza place where the smell of cheese hits you in the face. You get your thin crust loaded with vegetables. As you take a bite a sigh of relief hits you as you finally got what you’ve been wanting all day.”

-Emilee Johnson (9th)




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