Cross country ready to run amok

The boys cross country team celebrates their run at the Vista Ridge meet on Aug. 24

SV Cross Country

The boys cross country team celebrates their run at the Vista Ridge meet on Aug. 24

Clayton Wilkerson, Sports Writer

The cross country team competed at Vista Ridge Invitational on Aug. 24, where varsity boys got second and varsity girls got first, and at Westlake Invitational on Aug. 31, where varsity boys got first and varsity girls got second.

After their past two meets were canceled because of flooding, they are headed to Seguin to compete this weekend, regardless of the rain.

Boys varsity’s Clayton Wilkerson, Mason Garner and Luke Yocum led the team during the previous meets as well as in practice. On the girls’ side, Sarah Scott, Alethea Brown and Clarrisa Hambrick led the meets.

“I’m upset for having two meets cancelled, but it is what it is I guess,” Wilkerson said. “You don’t get to be a state team from backing down to a little rain. There’s a reason why you don’t see these other schools at state.”

But there were some mixed feelings about it.

“I remember state freshmen year,” Garner said. “That was a difficult race. People falling in the mud and slipping. It can get real dangerous real fast.”

Four years ago at state, rain turned the course into mud and mini rivers. Everyone had different experiences in the mud.

“God. I’ve lost count how many times I’ve had to run in the rain and mud,” Joe Wesloh said. “Sometimes it’s a blessing, like on long runs. Other times it makes you wonder why you even cameĀ  outside.”

The varsity guys have long runs that range anywhere from 10 miles to half a marathon.

“It’s been an experience so far,” Wilkerson said. “When I started, I never thought I would be on JV as well as varsity. I worked hard and created something very special to me.”

With the race scheduled at Seguin, team members had different goals.

“I’ve had the same goal all year and for every race,” Yocum said. “Personal record and to win. This is what we do, so why not try to be the best at it?”